SAP has recently announced further developments in business software specifically for SMEs across the globe. Being a fast growing market, especially in the UK, the SME market is a particularly interesting one for SAP. During 2009’s second quarter, SAP signed up over 1000 new SME customers in the EMEA alone, but just what is it that makes SAP ERP and business software so appealing and beneficial to SMEs?

Innovation and Efficiency

SAP’s has created software based around the innovative NetWeaver™ platform to specifically integrate with SMEs. The software helps businesses to improve cost-effectiveness and increase profitability by encouraging and developing efficiency. Continually developing new business software products such as software on demand, SAP’s current ERP and business software for small to medium businesses includes:

• Business One

• BusinessByDesign

• Business All-in-One

• BusinessObjects

• NetWeaver

• Crystal Reports®

• Xcelsius®

Each of the SAP SME products has been developed to encourage better management of business processes, providing business owners and managers with insight and information into revenue draining processes and the solutions to streamline them. In a similar way to its large scale ERP products, SAP’s SME products helps business owners and managers drive efficiency throughout their entire organisation.

Success for SMEs?

To maximise the efficiency of its SME products, SAP has developed a ‘partner ecosystem’ with partners that each have specific specialist knowledge. SMEs can access partners to gain valuable industry or product specific information to fully maximise the impact of the software implementation.

To encourage long term success within SMEs, SAP has recognised the need to improve business reactions to changing market conditions. To survive and succeed businesses need to respond to changes in internal and external environments in a way which maximises the outcome of the changes. Through correct implementation and usage of a SAP SME product, businesses can create effective responses by encouraging organisation-wide developments in their business processes and practices.

Tangible results?

Utilising SAP software in small businesses can contribute to cost savings, efficiency, sustainability and responsiveness, especially vital in changing economic times. SAP products optimise IT infrastructures, maximising the lifecycles of operations to deliver relevant information in a timely way. Through organisation-wide implementation, SAP can be used to create and support effective growth strategies, which are often difficult for businesses to carry out to fruition.

SAP’s business software does require a strategic implementation and training process, however when fully implemented businesses will quickly see tangible benefits throughout the organisation. SAP aggregates and analyses information across organisations, providing business owners and managers with information to improve decision making processes. SAP also improves business practices, lowers operational costs and improves risk management and asset management delivering value straight back into businesses.

Encouraging staff to succeed

Implementing SAP software into small businesses also has a motivational impact on staff members due to end user training requirements. Many small businesses aren’t able to commit to regular training and development programmes, but to fully utilise SAP and maximise its efficiency, all end users in a company need to undergo specific SAP training. Providing such training to employees also helps them visualise the link between their roles and the success of the business, clarifying the communication channels which SAP initiates. Through SAP, SME owners and managers can empower their employees to contribute to the future success of the organisation.

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