You decided to make the first step and join a dating site but you are stuck in creating a sizzling online dating profile that women will read. So what makes a great profile? Follow these tips and rocket to success with your online dating life.

One thing must be said about online dating there is so shame in putting yourselves out there online. Don’t be embarrassed in fact a successful man will never be ashamed if he’s using online dating services for dates.

1) A well written profile:

First things first - use a word processor and spell checker. Nothing spells “loser” than a poorly written profile with misspelled words. This may seem obvious but I’ve seen profiles as though they have been written by 5 year olds.

2) Don’t write about past relationships:

Don’t ever complain about past relationships in your profile! Don’t ever talk about bad experiences and how you are now looking for true love. This is an absolute deal killer and no women will click your profile.

3) Don’t tell your life story:

Keeping a little bit of mystery about yourself will have them wanting to know more about you. It’s okay to talk about some of your hobbies and maybe some of your travels but never offer the whole picture. Always leave intrigue, women love men that have a little mystery around them.

4) Stay positive!

This is an absolute must if you want to score big with online dating you need to show positive qualities. For instance avoid at all costs writing anything negative about your life. Your profile must read as if you are having a great time just keep in mind if you begin to sound negative or boring how do you expect to attract women? Avoid talking about your job, past relationships and any past issues you have had. No one wants to hear it let alone read it.

Tip: If you love music talk about music, if your passion is art then write a little blurb about your favorite artist or your studio. Women love men that are passionate about something.

5) Use humor in your profile.

I can’t stress enough how important this is. Humor is an the #1 aphrodisiac in attracting women. So how do you pull this off in your profile? Inject some witty humor when writing about yourself or even the type of women you are looking for. It’s not enough to say you are humorous you must also display it when writing your profile.

There you have it! These 5 sizzling online dating profile tips will increase your chances by leaps and bounds simply because most profiles are weak and dull. Your profile will be a breath of fresh air and most likely attract the caliber of women you are seeking.

Your profile is meant to portray confidence, humor and intrigue. It’s no different with offline dating these are the major characteristics women look for in men. The same holds true online you are doing the exact same thing just in the digital world.

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