While there are a few car manufacturers that are known to build reliable car engines, every vehicle will need an oil change at least every 10,000 miles. However, there are plenty of other reasons to get an oil change. Gas mileage and overall vehicle performance are a function of a healthy car engine.

Motor oil plays a very important role in the longevity of a vehicle's engine. Besides just lubricating the engine parts, motor oil also also keeps the engine clean and cool. Therefore, a regular oil change is important in the overall performance of the vehicle. Neglecting the need for an oil change can result in severe engine failure.

There are a number of benefits for the vehicle when the motor oil is changed on a regular basis. For instance, clean motor oil helps to prevent the build-up of harmful sludge. Since the lubricant keeps the engine clean by removing harmful pollutants away from the engine components, there is a greater likelihood of experiencing a build-up of engine sludge. The oil filter helps to prevent some of these pollutants from re-circulating within the engine, which can cause the engine parts to move less efficiently. However, the lubricant and filter are only effective if they are clean. Therefore, with a new filter and fresh motor oil, it is nearly impossible to create an environment for sludge build-up.

Gas mileage is also affected by frequent oil changes. Viscosity is the measurement of how freely a motor oil can flow through an engine, and over time the lubricant can lose its viscosity. As the oil begins to flow less freely, it becomes more difficult to properly coat and lubricant the engine parts. If these metal parts are not properly lubricated, they can create friction and heat within the engine. When these parts move less efficiently, the gas mileage also suffers because the engine must work harder in order to create the same output.

Under the most ideal circumstances and driving conditions, engine oil is expected to last for at least 10,000 miles. However, this can change as the car ages, or if it must perform in extreme conditions. High performance vehicles especially will need more frequent oil changes because as the engine works harder, it creates more friction and heat, which causes the motor oil to breakdown and evaporate much faster. Luckily, there are specially designed motor oils that include a number of additives that increases the effectiveness of the motor oil. Older engines may need a lubricant with detergent and sealant additives to keep the engine parts clean and to seal any cracks or leaks.

Besides just increasing the vehicle's longevity, there are many good reasons to have your car serviced with regular a regular oil change. However, every car is not the same, and some vehicles will be able to go a little longer in between servicing.

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