Obama has leaped onto the international scene with tremendous excitement. The presidential campaign has made his response to international issues an important aspect of the campaign. One unique aspect that has received little attention is college student’s lack of knowledge about international issues. The president is not the only one who needs to be in touch with global events. All students in K12 schools and colleges need a weekly dose of global events and economics.

Obama needs to tap into the growing support for international studies at colleges around the country. Colleges need to prepare future leaders who are very aware of international issues that affect our country. There is more to the international scene than all of the discussion about the oil crisis. There is a big issue concerning the United States ability to promote democracy in other countries. Just because the United States supports democracy in another country does not mean that these countries will agree.

One of the topics frequently analyzed in the news is the loss of jobs to international countries. Other countries are providing products that where once exclusively produced in the United States. One way that Obama can address some of the criticism is to develop incentives for current United States industry leaders, workers and students to come up with innovative ideas about how that country can compete with others around the world. The world needs leaders who have a capacity to be flexible and open to change.

The fact that Obama had over 300 people offering advice on his visit to Europe and the middle east indicates his understanding of the importance. The same energy needs to be exerted into K12 and college education. This also means that the teachers and professors need to incorporate international discussions about politics, the economy and culture of other countries. Students need to know about the affect of changes in international currency. They need to have conversations that open their minds to other college experiences in a foreign country.

Parents have caught on to the benefits of encouraging their student to pursue an international studies experience. It is a question that comes up frequently at college student orientations. They understand how the world is changing. They are talking to other parents with children who have been sent to company assignments in other countries. Sometimes they are sent to a foreign country one week, one month or a year or two. Parents are interested in preparing students who can negotiate a career in an increasingly global economy.

Obama can raise his visibility as a leader by addressing the domestic issue of international studies. All colleges cannot afford to address international studies issues. It needs a push and financial support at the federal government. This is the country that has the capacity to prepare students for international job market that exists in countries around the world. Obama can benefit this country by also having a strategy to intellectually prepare American college students to compete around the globe. American students are ready and able to explore the world.

For twenty years, Dr. Jones has delivered presentations on topics including how to study, leadership, effective communication, and innovative education practices. Working with students has enabled Dr. Jones to have a complete understanding of the challenges their facing http://www.sevenbooks.net.
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