You decided to make the first step and join a dating site but you are stuck in creating a sizzling online dating profile that women will read. So what makes a great profile? Follow these tips and rocket to success with your online dating life.

One thing must be said about online dating there is so shame in putting yourselves out there online. Don’t be embarrassed in fact a successful man will never be ashamed if he’s using online dating services for dates.

1) A well written profile:

First things first - use a word processor and spell checker. Nothing spells “loser” than a poorly written profile with misspelled words. This may seem obvious but I’ve seen profiles as though they have been written by 5 year olds.

2) Don’t write about past relationships:

Don’t ever complain about past relationships in your profile! Don’t ever talk about bad experiences and how you are now looking for true love. This is an absolute deal killer and no women will click your profile.

3) Don’t tell your life story:

Keeping a little bit of mystery about yourself will have them wanting to know more about you. It’s okay to talk about some of your hobbies and maybe some of your travels but never offer the whole picture. Always leave intrigue, women love men that have a little mystery around them.

4) Stay positive!

This is an absolute must if you want to score big with online dating you need to show positive qualities. For instance avoid at all costs writing anything negative about your life. Your profile must read as if you are having a great time just keep in mind if you begin to sound negative or boring how do you expect to attract women? Avoid talking about your job, past relationships and any past issues you have had. No one wants to hear it let alone read it.

Tip: If you love music talk about music, if your passion is art then write a little blurb about your favorite artist or your studio. Women love men that are passionate about something.

5) Use humor in your profile.

I can’t stress enough how important this is. Humor is an the #1 aphrodisiac in attracting women. So how do you pull this off in your profile? Inject some witty humor when writing about yourself or even the type of women you are looking for. It’s not enough to say you are humorous you must also display it when writing your profile.

There you have it! These 5 sizzling online dating profile tips will increase your chances by leaps and bounds simply because most profiles are weak and dull. Your profile will be a breath of fresh air and most likely attract the caliber of women you are seeking.

Your profile is meant to portray confidence, humor and intrigue. It’s no different with offline dating these are the major characteristics women look for in men. The same holds true online you are doing the exact same thing just in the digital world.

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A Gold Bullion rally has on every occasion, coincided with massive investment in-flows for the soon to be senior miners of the metal. In a high demand scenario, Gold producers are left with a little choice but to fund the gold explorers, who in turn look out for extractable gold deposits to meet out the demand surge. Although market professionals have always exploited this know-how by aggressively investing with the exploration companies whenever a gold rally is in anticipation, it is the retail and common investor, who are now playing heavy bets on the asset class and sizable investments are finding their way through the Gold Explorers ETF and similar equity products that track the Solactive Index.

Considering a scenario where Gold rises up to 25% from the current spot values, a strategic exposure to an exploring company may deliver 50% or more upside in the same market.

Catching to this trend are the billion dollar hedge funds. Their magnitude of investments in the gold seekers often makes them seem as Venture Capitalist of Gold, especially in case of the funds which are bullish on other related products of the metal. The high risk attributed to this class is completely ignored by these big money managers who are completely sold on the excellent past performance of the equities engaged in discovering the noble metal.

In 2009 Exeter Resource Corporation, a Canadian explorer of the shiny metal, witnessed over $ 50 million worth of equity being acquired by selected Big League Investment banks in a little less than 24 hours. The stake acquirers insisted on complete secrecy, although as per market insiders they included some of the biggest Hedge funds of the world. A similar investment strategy which is lured by the top returns is also backed by the fact that Gold Exploration backed Funds and stocks provide better leverage than the miners or the physical metal and it is a perfect hedging tool to a weak American dollar with which it shares a perfect inverse relation.

Gold is undoubtedly a hugely sought after metal. It is one of the rarest precious metals in the world. Digging gold has become an important means of earning for regions with substantial deposits of this metal and also one of the most niche services for any industry. One might be easily tempted to invest in this glittering element and you can do it in more than one ways.

Investing in gold coins and bars might seem an easy option. For a more advanced approach you can consider stocks of companies engaged in extraction and selling of the yellow metal. Buying exchange-traded future contracts and buying physically backed futures products are also very popular.

Conservative investor have always shown faith in significant mining companies in wake of recent under-performance because spending in Mining equities provides dividends which are absent in physical Gold investments. Also one needs to incur a higher tax liability on physical commodity than equities.

Investors seeking to diversify from physical commodities towards the exploration side may consider the ETFs channel. Apart from a broad exposure to the sector, there are multi-bagger opportunities owing to the current industry status where most explorers are yet to post any earnings. A new found mine or a major deposit discovery can add manifold value to the stock thus may even appeal to the individuals wanting to play venture capital gold. Once silver spot values consolidate, focus will return to the yellow metal which is still in a long with standing rally barring a few cyclic corrections. Investments in Gold Explorer equity traded funds are a high risk-high reward zone and must be trespassed with caution.

Global X Gold Explorers ETF mirrors the performance of the Solactive Gold Explorers Index. GLDX management charges expenses as per 65 basis points. visit this site : http://www.globalxfunds.com/commodities/goldexplorersetf.html
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A lot of tests need to be undertaken for proper evaluation of your eyes and check it for the presence of diseases. The doctor may use some strange instruments and flash bright light at your eyes, and would ask you to check out many lenses to ensure which one you are most comfortable with. Every eye test does an evaluation of a different aspect of your eyes. Like any other disease, it is important to go for eye tests regularly since early detection would count for timely treatment. So find a good ophthalmologist in your area and get your eyes checked regularly.

The test will begin with your ophthalmologist asking you a lot of questions included in his questionnaire which would involve questions about the history of your eye's health and if you find anything wrong with your vision, etc. After that, he/she will determine your power by asking you to identify small letters on an eye chart. Refractive errors will also be checked by him/her. If your eyes have a refractive error, it would mean that your eye's shape does not properly refract the external light, resulting in a blurred image in front of your eyes. These errors are just simple eye disorders, and not actually diseases.

There are 4 kinds of refractive errors:

• Myopia: Called nearsightedness, there is difficulty in seeing objects which are located at a distant place.

• Hyperopia: Called farsightedness, there is difficulty in looking at the nearby objects.

• Astigmatism: In this case, vision seems blurred both for close by and far off objects as well.

• Presbyopia: In this case, the eyes, over a period of time, lose the ability of changing the focus from far off to near objects.

Most people suffer from one or some of these errors. The ophthalmologist may suggest wearing glasses or contact lenses for their correction, or he may even go recommend a refractive surgery. He would also test for the eyelid functions, the co ordination between the muscles of the eyes, the response of the pupil to light, side vision, the pressure within the eyes, etc.

He would also examine the anterior of the eye, the region from the lens which includes the iris and the cornea. The interior would be checked as well, like the retina. After the examination, the results would be discussed with you, and suggest treatment like using eye drops, etc. for any of the eye disease as he may find.

Sometimes, a few eye diseases need a laser surgery to be performed. The ophthalmologist may take care of some of the treatments, or if there is a problem in a specific area, he may refer you to a specialist in that field, like a retina specialist or so. If your exam is held in a doctor's chamber where there is no facility of making glasses, you may take the prescription to any optician of your choice.

This may take a few days as it takes time to find an optician and also for the glasses to be made. However, if the optician also works in the same place as your ophthalmologist, the glasses may be made and delivered to you on that very day!

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An[censored] wannan medical recruitment site written before controversial amount height

Yili recruitment restrict height difference for teachers 1cm medical recruitment site platform wannan quantity height 170cm shorter than boys and girls 160cm shorter than Mr ""

Recently, the national a network BBS appeared on a titled "domestic most of college recruiting an[censored] wannan ray medical recruitment teachers actually written before height clearance" posts, po[censored] r with net friend attention.

Height discrimination, again become a common topic.

Bonusgiven is called "jing". He said, 2011 February 25th, an[censored] wannan medical personnel in its website promulgated the "southern medical school 2011 open recruitment exam notification of master degree graduates. Notice required candidates on March 8 has to the examination room confirmation, March 9 test.

Height discrimination? Trick?

Therefore, "jing" efforts to review, grasp studying for exams. On March 8, he came to the examination room on time, let his odd thing happened.

He recall scenes of say: "now have teacher put the part of the master that apply to one side measurement height, boys shorter than 170cm, girls shorter than 160cm, forbid to attend a written exam." "Jing" because less than losing height 170cm exam qualification.

He resentfully told reporters: "test on the notice and didn't suggest height requirements, online registration every name applicants have to fill out his height. It seems like a hoax, keeps to torture person."

Reporter in southern medical school website, the test in the notice indeed not explicitly proposed height requirements, but the university in the "note" column with "bold letters" marked: "it was confirmed, every accords with a condition may formalities".

The school no response

"What is called the teachers, or recruit model?" "Don't height and the teaching quality is proportional to?" Most of this "netizens height discrimination" expresses dissatisfaction.

Also netizens perspective has different: "nothing amiss, does not involve discrimination. If recruitment conditions is" degree "above, does that mean to haven't read undergraduate course of discrimination against those?"

Reporters call wannan medical offices and discipline information, personnel are called "unbeknownst to the reporter asks," school personnel. When the reporter call personnel, officials say "director are not". The reporter also call responsible for the recruitment teacher, when that reporter's interview intentions, he immediately hung up.

Reporters from southern medical school website, "notice" in height restriction unmentioned problems, but in "note" column used "bold letters" clearly: "it was confirmed, every accords with our school recruitment of personnel conditions may formalities".

Lawyer: "unreasonable"

An[censored] jianghuai lawyer of zheng, says both state after can promulgated by the state council, or of pedagogic law enacted the qualifications for teachers ordinance, and national ministry of education issued in the < > qualifications for teachers regulations implementing procedures are not citizens to obtain qualifications for teachers make height restriction. "Recruiting teachers restrict height is not reasonable. Only specialty, such as sports specialty will have height requirements." He said.

In fact, the education system of "height discrimination" early have case. In 2009, the hunan muni[censored] l government primary and secondary school teachers MaoWeiHua recruitment, talmon, li Juan, PengJuan[censored] and YuPingWang four candidates because height too short to refuse employment by education bureau. 2009 November 22, da li Juan four candidates to people's court muni[censored] l government administrative litigation, sued muni[censored] l government illegal administration bureau, infringe upon the lawful rights and interests in accordance with legal procedures and request bureau admitted they. The case is called "in hunan province recruitment teachers height discrimination first case".

Afterwards, hunan province teachs hall after reflection, delete the teacher recruitment about height restriction provisions.

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Located on the Great Plains of the United States of America, the state of Nebraska has become one of the leading agricultural centers of the country. Nebraska’s specialty is in raising beef and pork, as well as corn and soya bean staples. It is no wonder that Nebraska’s one and three quarter million population are known as “cornhuskers”. Nebraska also has a fairly extensive Native American population. Gambling in Nebraska is largely controlled by this subset of the population.

A magnanimous gesture by the US congress allows the Native Americans sovereignty on their land which is what allows them to control casino gambling on their reservations, providing them with much needed income in this state, which has rarely known times of plenty. Even today, with the remarkable increases in income through successful farming, average income in the state is low, sitting at two thirds of the national average.

Bordered by South Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming Nebraska has many tourist attractions. These include some fairly spectacular Fossil Beds made from Agate, national monuments such as Homestead, and the Scotts Bluff National Monuments. The Chimney Rock National Historic Site as well as an authentic recreation of a pioneer village at the town of Minden among other attractions depicting the history of the state. The state capitol of Omaha is home to the world famous Joslyn Art Museum as well as the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Omaha is also home to the offices of the Berkshire Hathaway company, whose Chief Executive Officer is none other than Mr. Warren Buffet, ranked as being the second-richest person in the world. Buffets’s simple philosophy of business and life is steeped in Nebraskan tradition. Currently Warren Buffet is working in tandem with the World’s wealthiest man, Bill Gates, to donate the bulk of both their fortunes, around $100 billion dollars to a variety of world wide charities. Warren Buffet was and remains one of the principle lobbyists to congress to allow legalization of casino gambling state wide, and not only on the outlying Indian reservations. He and others rightly claim that more Nebraskans are spending money either out of state or on online casinos. They claim that tax income will be kept in the state, as well as creating valuable employment opportunities. They may well be correct, and results of legislation are awaited eagerly. In the meantime, Nebraskan residents as well as out of state visitors have the option of the excellent facilities offered by the casinos based on the Indian reservations.

More and more Nebraskans have discovered the ease and advantages of online gambling. They can play what they like, when they like from the comfort of their own home in complete confidentiality. All of the classic table and slot games are available online, as well as the hit Texas hold’em poker. Hopefully casino gambling will come to the population centers of Nebraska soon and to Omaha in particular. In the meantime the other gambling possibilities available to Nebraskans could not be better with the advent of online gambling.

Sarah Harrigan is a professional casino player and reviewer. For straight talking honest advice on online casinos be sure to visit her website for comprehensive reviews on the top online casinos and winning casino strategies.
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